Construction and Cost Planning

Mahoney contracts recognise the development of a robust project and cost plan detailing the resource, timing and costs of construction activities is key to the successful delivery of a construction project.

Our construction planning team and quantity surveyors will develop a construction and cost plan for the project showing the schedule of work, critical activities, milestones and costs which will be used to manage and facilitate the delivery of the project.

Project Management

Mahoney Contracts provide a project management service. We work with clients to develop and optimise the construction programme of work for the project and develop innovative solutions to minimise disruption for the client.

Our project management team aim to take the stress out of construction projects and provide support through the stages of the project.

Client Personal Handover

On completion of a construction project we complete a personal client handover where we provide handover certification and information including Health and Safety Manual, Operating and Maintenance Manuals relating to new facility and equipment and we will provide user training to ensure the client team are familiar with their new environment.

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